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Philip Verhagen

“If it can be done, consider it done.”

I like to do exciting things. That is why I visited the United States when I was 19 and returned there several times. For the same reason I visited England. It resulted in a study English and Dutch at the Teacher Training College at the University of Amsterdam. Having finished that I was a happy teacher for 13 years. After that I joined a large transport concern and joyfully worked there in various roles. Teaching and translating both suit me. The common factor? Giving and gathering knowledge.

And thus:

Say, you have a book, a list of school grades, a testament, a manual, a technical specification, a website or simply a straightforward document that you want to have translated from Dutch into English or vice versa. Well, contact us. We take care of it, and we think along with you. We have years of experience.
Need an urgent translation? Ask for the rate. If it can be done, consider it done.

Any more questions? Contact me with the form below.


+31 6 45 03 04 46


Certified translator, Wbtv 18357